Reitz High School

Reitz High School
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tech Enhanced Items: The New Buzz Words

In the state of Indiana, the new buzz is all about Tech Enhanced items that will be on our standardized tests this spring.  Students not only will have to figure out the answers to the questions, they will also have to know how to input their answers on the test.  We will be seeing questions such as drag and drop, drop down menus, select text, multiple select, matching (using a chart), expression and equations, and plot points on a graph.
Example of matching via a chart.
McGraw Hill has provided three ELA and three math practice tests.   One set is for third and fourth graders, the second set is for fifth and sixth graders, and the third set is for seventh and eighth graders.  Other than that, our students do not have any other way to practice these types of questions. Many of our teachers would like to create their own tests and quizzes using these Tech Enhanced items, but have limited resources for creating them.  After students take the same practice test two or three times, it is not much of a practice anymore.  Students stop taking it seriously because they have already seen the same old questions.

Practicing the Tech Enhanced items would be more meaningful to students if teachers could create their own daily tests and quizzes that include tech enhanced questions.  My team of ICATS and eLearning coaches have found a couple resources to do this, but they are not ideal.  One is LearnClick and the other is Straight Ace.  Feel free to check these out and if you know of any tools that can be used to generate these tech enhanced items, please share them with me.

Let's collaborate and equip our students with the 21st Century skills they need for the tests and the future.

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